Do I need to pay for parking?

At Z Pier, Westhaven Marina CBD your parking must be in the yellow lines and will cost you $20.00 per day. It is a pay and display and only accepts coins.

How do I get my fish home?

Always bring a chilly bin. It’s a great idea to buy a bag of salt ice (which stays frozen a lot longer than normal ice) to keep your catch as fresh as it came out of the water.

What should I bring?

– Coins for parking – Hat – Sun glasses
– Food/Water – Rods/Tackle/Traces etc – Bait/ Ice
– Knife – Chilly bin – Hand towel or rag
– Warm clothes – Camera – A bag

Is bait provided?

No, but there are plenty of bait and tackle shops just around the corner from Z Pier and they are open early for you early birds.

What is the best bait to use and how much do I bring?

With my experience I have found squid to be the best bait to target Snapper, however when they are on the bite (when they are feeding fast) they tend to go for the Pilchards more. Mullet is also good bait as it doesn’t come off the hook as easily as the other bait. For a day trip I would bring a 2½kg combination of Squid and Pilchards per person. For a night trip I would recommend 2kg of the above combination. Remember – it’s better to have too much bait than too little and miss out on the fun!

Do I need a recreational fishing licence to go out fishing?

No, but you must abide by the rules set by the New Zealand Fisheries. Your skipper will inform you of all necessary information.

How many fish am I allowed to take home?

Each anglers limit is 7 snapper per day. As well as your Snapper you can catch a combined limit of 20 of the following: Kahawai, Gurnard, John Dory and Trevally.

Can I hire a fishing rod or do I need to bring my own?

We have rods available for hire at $20 per rod. That includes your tackle (sinker, hook, trace). You still need to bring your own bait.

Are there life jackets on board?

Yes we certainly do have life jackets on board. You will be shown where these are in your safety briefing. However these are only brought out and worn if conditions change, or if there is an emergency. If you wish to be in a life jacket the whole duration of your charter you must please bring you own along.

Do you have a bathroom and is it enclosed?

Yes, we have a flushable household toilet and it is enclosed with full privacy.

What if am prone to seasickness?

Our boat is very seaworthy and we are blessed with many Islands around the Hauraki Gulf which provide excellent shelter, however you may also wish to try the over the counter ‘sea legs’ tablets; they are highly recommended.

Do we bring our own food?

Yes, bring with you whatever you would like to eat during the day. There is a BBQ onboard free for use for group bookings. We recommend you bring plenty of water for the day.

What’s up with not bringing bananas fishing?

Ancient Hawaiian folklore states that taking bananas fishing brings bad luck. I personally have caught fish even though there have been bananas on the boat; I even caught a Snapper using a banana skin as bait just to prove a point!. But better safe than sorry… leave ‘em at home!

What sets you apart from other charter boats?

I have been fishing all my life and do not see fishing as my job – it is a passion that runs deep. I have more than ten years’ charter fishing experience to share. We catch the most and the biggest. I have seen other charter boats come and go yet we are still going strong, and our secret spots grow as the years go on. Most of all we are a friendly, easy going team that will provide you with a great day out on water – one to remember.

Can I receive notifications of upcoming promotions, etc?

Albsolutely! Just follow us on Facebook to receive notifications about any upcoming special deals, prizes or trips.